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Talent idea

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I. "People-oriented", that is to regard people as the first to give full play to the enthusiasm and initiative of the people.
Koizumi attaches great importance to the growth and development of the employees and has established a free development platform and promotion space for the employees.
II. Moral and Talent
(I) Morality
1. Lofty Professional Dedication: pay attention to the interests of the whole, regard the company's development as your own mission and have a high attitude of dedication, a high sense of responsibility and a steady state of mind.
2. Correct Values: upright, selfless, fair and equitable, we advocate "no pain, no gain", despise reaping without sowing and disdain substance and shadow, and we convince to get the proper return from the enterprise through their own efforts.
3. Teamwork: focus on the overall interests, take a cooperative attitude as a member of the group, and be concerned about the overall target of the group rather than personal interests.
(II) Talent
1. Excellent Expertise and Skills: this is the basic requirements for the service ability of talents.
2. Clear Objective: carry out the work creatively for the development goals of the enterprise in compliance with the company's rules and regulations.
3. Objective Analytical Skills and Ability to Handle Affairs Independently: be able to make an accurate and objective assessment for the work to be done even in complex and difficult situations and accomplish it independently and correctly.
4. Practical Creativity: has unique insights and a well-thought-out thought system, think actively in work, generate new and rational proposals, and turn it into a new and practical plan of action.
5. Learning Ability: learn from the success and failure of the actual work of yourself and others and sum up experience to progress by learning; be able to continuously update the knowledge structure and learn new knowledge and skills. The prosperity of the company is the wish of every employee, and the company places high expectations on every employee and tries to meet the material and spiritual needs of the employees. We hope that all employees are dedicated and hardworking, to show their values on the stage provided by Junichiro.

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